Elisha's Home and Ministries
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Having Enough Loving People Serving
possessed the quality of a steadfast "faithfulness", as a possessed
the quality of a steadfast "faithfulness", as a ministering tool in
his daily work of service to the Lord. It is our Christ and to serve
the needs of mankind. Our outreaches cover a wide variety of
ministry regards the Bible in its entirety as the inherent Word of God. The Bible
is our foundation and guide for all counsel.

Pulpit Support
Our pastors provide pulpit support for local churches. This allows pastors of
various denominations to be able to take a family vacation, or attend educational
seminars, etc.  Our ministry team also provides evangelistic seminars, marriage
classes, and parenting classes for local churches.

Educational Consultation
Educational consultation and evaluations are provided to home schooling
families. Tutorial sessions are available upon request for elementary, secondary
and college students, who need remedial assistance.

Healing Ministry
5:14,15. We believe in the prayer of faith James 5:13-17, and the dominion over
the works of darkness 1 John 3:8. Through His atoning work on the cross, Jesus
is truly our healer, Isaiah 53:1-5.

Children's, Elderly, and Prison Ministry
Visitation, counsel, prayer and Bible studies with the elderly in local retirement
homes, with needy children, and with inmates at the local prison are also vital
elements of this ministry.

Overseas Missions
Elisha's Home supports various missions overseas to help bring God's word and
provisions to under-privileged people of the world.