Elisha's Home & Ministries
Fasten your seat belts.  Get ready for the
Holy Spirit to bring you into "unravel mysteries"
through her simple, yet dynamic, conveyance
of Biblical truths.  Man is a spirit, a soul, and lives
in a body.  All three need to be in balance
to produce a well nourished, productive person.  
Dr. Peg addresses each of these areas and
gives Bible answers to help you grow in your
relationship with God.  This is food for you, if
you are seeking growth in your relationship
with God.  This is food for you, if you are
seeking to know God, and to remove all
baggage that would keep you from being His
disciple. Dr. Peg teaches you to be a true
disciple: it is then, that you will know the Truth,
which will bring you into mature freedom.  It is my
honor to endorse this book.  It will change your
attitude. Blessings,
Dr. Gary Wood, Apostle, World Renowned
Gary Wood Ministries, Sugarland, Texas
A Place Called Heaven

$12.00 Shipping

$12.00 Shipping
Adam and Eve lived in the garden of Eden,
the Garden of Paradise,
the depiction of unbroken harmony
between man and his magnificent Creator.
The present Jerusalem's commission will be
fulfilled when Christ returns and sets up His
throne in the city to establish His millennial rule.  
As Christians, we look forward to the descent
of the heavenly Jerusalem, the New Jerusalem,
and the new headquarters of God's eternal
after the Great White Throne Judgment.  Israel is
and will remain an eternal capital forever!

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Life is a composite of distinct seasons reflective
of the journey of faith. The founders
of Elisha's Home have written this book
as a testament of how He saved us; how He
called us and orchestrated our daily lives so that
they would intersect.  We honor Him for
His faithfulness, goodness, and  grace.

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In our contemporary society, we have lost the
value of recording our family histories-
blessings and curses, which affect our daily
lives.   Many of us are unaware of the curses
we have inherited; thus, we innocently pass
them on.  As we idenify and renounce our
genrational curses, we
must also recognize the extreme potential of
our generational blessings;  we must explore
the possiblities of our giftings and callings we
have inherited, as we experience the effects of
our ancestor's faith.

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$12.00 Shipping
The orphan spirit has established a stronghold
in our society as the face of the traditional
family is no longer the pillar of society due to
the increase of divorce, alternative lifestyles,
pregnancies of unwed mothers, addictions,
absentee parents who must function as the
ultimate "bread winners."  Many of these
children feel neglected, rejected, and suffer
from crippling self-esteem Issues.  Satan has
bombarded our society with the fallacies of the
orphan mentality with the purpose to rob us
and furute generations of the cascading joy of
being loved, appreciated, and valued.  
"....the moon became as blood."
Revelation 6:12

Our nation, founded upon Biblical precepts,
has been overcome by a spirit of tolerance.
As in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, the beast
of sexual perversion dominates,
while law makers seek to institute contemporary
to address the escalating acts of violence
and vile lusts of the flesh.  
Scientists strive to develop a cure for the
HIV/AIDS pandemic
as our world winds out of control in the end times.
Have you been plagued with any of these
problems? Would you like to know the source,
and understand the mystery behind these
distressing conditions? Would you like to learn
how to eliminate these destructive forces from
your life?

1. Chronic physical and mental torment for which doctors
cannot find cause
2. Barrenness, miscarriages and birth defects
3. Family and marriage dysfunction for several generations
3. Poverty and financial failure
4. Accident proneness
5. Addictions
6. Oppression, suicide and untimely death