Elisha's Home & Ministries

With a vision to bless the poor, to heal the broken hearted and to set free the captives,

(Isaiah 61:1) God has blessed us immeasurably and given us strength to carry out His vision
through the years. He is our provider, healer and friend
Upcoming Events
Fields of Grace (9/7-9/18)
Community Outreach Festival:

In 2005, our barn burned down; the following
year our community banded together and gave
us the money to rebuild.
Fields of Grace is
our way to give back to the community.

For more information and updates on
this event you can click
Pot of Plenty

Each week that you come to our church service
you will receive spiritual food; monthly as a
church family we share a meal,
Pot of Plenty,
you will receive physical food and fellowship
with others.

The dates for P.O.P. are January 27, February 24,
March 24, April 28, May 26, June 23, July 28,
August 25, September 15 (F.O.G.), October 27,
November 24, & December 24.