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Take Me Home!
Prophecy spoken over Elisha's Home concerning the
I believe your ministry will prosper above and beyond what you have yet to
experience ...
the Lord will do a mighty thing among you .. restoring all that the enemy has
destroyed ...
you have had your Good Friday .. BUT WAIT .. EASTER SUNDAY IS ON THE

Out of the ashes of ruin will come a mighty Temple of praise ... for God will
replace the ashes of mourning with a garment of praise unlike you have yet
experienced ...

what the enemy meant for destruction ... God will use for His glory ... and
will restore your buildings with even better and larger ones ... for your
faithfulness has been noted in heaven ... and His mighty arm will sustain
you and  prosper you ...even as your soul prospers.

Look not at the destruction ... but at the resurrection that the Lord will do in
your midst ... many will come and see the glory of the Lord in your midst ...
and they will call upon Him as they see His mighty hand of power working
among you ...  the blind will see and the deaf will hear ... and your anointing
will be greater than before ..

Father Bernie