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Many suffer with anger, unforgiveness, and bitterness, which
deep seated, will go into depression to even suicidal
thoughts. So if you struggle with depression and suicidal
thoughts,   I would suggest seeking medical attention. The
experience of abortion thrusts one into post-partum which
may produce many hormonal and chemical changes.

You will go through a grief process after your abortion - most
woman do.  But I ask you, where does one go for healing? Most
woman just think they are in a state of depression without
mentioning the abortion to the medical doctor. Without a healing
process for the abortion many suffer for years. So continue with
both, and you will see God's healing power will lift your darkness.

My depression and darkness was really deep for the first six months.
I was fifteen - I learned to bury my emotions and learned to laugh
on the outside, while I felt like I was dying on the inside. After the
healing process and freedom, I learned what God thought of me.
I countered my ANTS or automatic negative thoughts with the
Word of God and challenged the automatic negative thoughts;
slowly I worked my way out of that dark place in my life; but it took
work and building myself up to overcome this, with God's help.

A good first step is to read over the information and identify
what your self-talk is telling you. Follow this lesson day by day
and you will turn your life around. You may need medication
to overcome your depression so seek medical attention too,
but also work on your ANTS.....  I believe when you find healing
with this study, you may see that your depression lifts for you. I
remember the day that it lifted I felt like a butterfly - so light with
no cares in the world; it was the best feeling of my life.

ANTS: Automatic  Negative Thought System

Automatic Thoughts just seem to come into your mind
without any effort.

Distorted Thoughts are always supported by the things
you know  to be true to you.

Unhelpful Thoughts keep you feeling depressed, and
makeit difficult to change.

Believable  - You accept them as facts and do not
question them.

Involuntary - You do not choose to have these negative
thoughts, which are very difficult to stop.

When your brain automatically thinks a negative thought, you
believe it without even stopping to think. What does God say
about this situation?   Is this really true?  

This ANTS,
automatic negative thought system is like multiple
freeways built into your brain, which always assumes that this is
how it is going to be without challenging the system. The Word
tells us in 2 Corinthians 10:5 “ to take every thought  captive.”
You have thirty seconds every time you think a negative thought
to redirect it in your brain. Can you change the direction of your
thoughts?  Sure you can.  First, take every thought captive and
then make a conscious effort to counter challenge what is the
opposite of the automatic negative thought pattern.  

Example:  ANT = I feel so worthless! - Take those negative
thoughts captive:  My worth is in Christ: He said that I am precious
in His sight.  I was created by Him. He loves me. He gives me worth.  

Your self-talk, reiterates the words spoken upon you as a child.
“I am stupid or lazy.  Nothing ever good comes my way.” When
parents or teachers spoke this upon you over and over as a child,
you internally absorbed their negative talk. You must obtain a
different prospective for you to believe differently about yourself.   
Words have power! Spoken words seed negative thoughts in us;
thus, to establish a Godly perspective of yourself, you must ask:
What does God say about me? Is this really true?

Will this take work?  Oh yes, it will.  Do we just settle on
negative thoughts, ANTS?  
Find out what God thinks of this situation.  Question your
negative thoughts?  

If you want something new in your life, you have to do something
you have never done before or do what you’re doing now,

Awareness is the first thing to recognize you have negative
self-talks in your life.  God is so amazing as He made our brains so
that we can take our thoughts captive in the first thirty seconds,
before we run on the ANTS of the brain.  


1. Are these really the true facts here?

2. Am I jumping to conclusions?

3. Am I blaming myself for something that is
not really my fault?

4. Am I taking things way too personally?

5. Am I expecting myself to be perfect?

6.  Am I overestimating the chance for disaster?

7. I am assuming I can do nothing to change
my situation?

8. Am I trying to predict the future?

9.  What does Jesus think about this situation?

10.  Am I trusting God to help me to see things
in His eyes?

Keep a journal of the negative thoughts that enter into your
thought process.  Those that repeat over and over are the first
ones that can have the potential to change.  Find a scripture
that will help you to overcome this thought process.  

Example: If fear plagues you counter it with:  2 Timothy 1:7 “For
God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of
love, and of a sound mind.”  

Speaking out loud will re-route your brain connection
to the Truth of the Word.  

Keep in mind, this is a process and will take time; however,
God is faithful to help you change.  

Say the truth until you believe it; eventually, you will say it
because you believe it.   

Saying the truth before you believe it is not pretending is
practicing. by Chip Judd

Feel free to email me your ANTS that  plague you... Keep in
mind  you are not alone we all deal with ANTS.....