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Maybe you have gone through an abortion and need to find healing  
or maybe you are  thinking  about getting an abortion and thinking this is your answer
please read my testimony.  

Here are some of the side effects of abortion that I struggled with:
Guilt and Shame
Depression /crying
Intense Grief or Sadness
Anger/ Rage
Drug and Alcohol abuse
Emotional Numbness
Lower Self Esteem
Eating Disorder
Suicidal Urges
Sexual Problems
Inability to  Forgive yourself
Problems  Having Children in the Future
Emotionally Struggling
Pain and Discomfort

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Margie Overmiller, MA.  I have a master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling; I have been counseling for over thirty years now.  I
am one of the co-founders of Elisha's Home and Ministries.  My husband, Pastor Tim and I co-pastor with Pastor Rob and Dr. Peg Ford on the pastoral team.  My
husband and I have been married for forty three years; we have two sons and four grandchildren at the present time. I also have a daughter, Melissa, in Heaven.  
We also have a God daughter, Ariel.   

I came from a middle class family. My dad traveled and was away from the home most of the time. When he was home, the bar called his name.   I was an unattached
child. My mom became ill; thus, I was separated from her. Praise God for my grandmother who raised me for the first year of my life. We went to church as a family
and learned young, how to wear that plastic face. We had the perfect happy family - plastic face and all!   I grew up unattached and desiring to be loved.   

As a teenager, I was looking for love in all the wrong places. Let me ask you the world offers them all the counterfeits they want.  I was your typical party teen – I
smoked, and drank. I started smoking and drinking at ten years old.  My drinking and smoking continued until I was in my early twenties.    I was looking for someone
to love me.   At the age of fifteen years old, I met a young man, who thought he loved me. Within a year, I was pregnant at the age of fifteen. Those counterfeits
never last too long.    

I was about two months along when I took my pregnancy test to the local Plan Parenthood agency. Do you know what they offered me? You guessed it!  They said,
“Are you planning to keep your baby, or do you want to get an abortion?”  How nice!  The Quick Fix!  I really wanted to keep the baby in my heart, but was so
confused; I did not know how I would support a baby.  

I went to my family doctor, who explained that it is only a blob. “It would be so much safer if you just aborted.” I was smarter than the doctors - I said very boldly, “I
think we are talking about a baby here.”   

Now, we are talking about the era when abortions first were legalized thirty-nine years ago.  As a society we haven’t become any smarter; we are still selling the
same bill of goods to women.    We now have 3D ultrasounds.  We are so smart!  

I was told, “It is the Quick Fix; no one will know - what would people say?”   Well, I submitted one time to my parent’s wishes, when I believe I should have fought.   I
was taken to an abortion clinic in Washington, DC by my dad.  It was dirty; it looked like a motel with rooms…..not what you thought a medical facility would look like.  
They made sure that I left with contraception.   They kept repeating, “We don’t want to see you back here again.”  Trust me; I didn’t want to go back there again!  

I am here to tell you it wasn’t a quick fix.   The moment the abortion was done, part of my heart was torn apart with that baby’s departure.   
I cried for days, weeks, years.  I suffered with depression.   I was suicidal.   If this was such a quick fix why did it hurt so much inside?    

I was in high school.  I was supposed to be having the best time of my life. I was dying inside.  I was crowned as the homecoming queen at my school.  Most girls
would think that is awesome to win!  I stood there and said to myself - Wow, I won!  If they only knew, who I really was, they never would have voted for me.  

I suffered for eleven years with anger, bitterness, and unforgiviness toward my dad, who took me and myself, which was the hardest person to forgive.   One thing
my Dad did say that still sticks is that if I wouldn’t have signed, they wouldn’t have done it; but that was after the abortion!  Trust me if he said that before - well, I
wouldn’t be writing this testimony.    I WAS FIFTEEN!!!!   I could sign for my own abortion; I didn’t need a parent.  
How sad!!!!    I wore the plastic face on the outside and was dying on the inside.  

I thought God would never love me; I just knew He would pay me back one day!  I married my husband, Tim, at the young age of nineteen.  When I got pregnant, I
thought that it should have been a joyous time for my husband and me.   Well, I thought that if I would love this child, just when I did, God would take it from me.   I
had such a warped belief system of God.

I struggled so with the word “abortion.”  If it came on the TV or someone said the word, I would want to run out of the room.

Nurses asked me in the hospital, while completing papers,  after my child was born,  " Ask me how many pregnancies did I have? "  I told her this was my first.   "I see here you
had an abortion.”   HEY, I THOUGHT NO ONE WOULD KNOW!!!!!!  I wanted to scream that at the nurse.  
I was an emotional wreck after that. Here I am holding my little one dealing with all kinds of emotions and you ask me this ????

My suffering lasted for over eleven years until I went to a healing workshop.  

Wow! Do you know freeing it was to know that God didn’t hold a baseball bat up there in heaven; that He loved me and forgot my sins as far as the East is from the West.  
How far is that?  He removed my sins too! That is amazing!  He loves me and He loves you too!

Psalm 103:12
As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.

I thought God could never use me.   But today I am a Pastor's  Wife, Counselor to the hurting, Mother , and Grandma.
God can take our brokenness to heal others. I am walking testimony of that..

Feel free to email me  I would love to hear from you.  You are not alone in your struggling.
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