With a vision to bless the poor, to heal the broken hearted and to set free the captives,

(Isaiah 61:1) God has blessed us immeasurably and given us strength to carry out His vision
through the years. He is our provider, healer and friend
Ministry Team
Pastor Timothy & Margie Overmiller,  Dr. Peggy & Pastor Robert Ford
Elisha's Home & Ministries
Fields of Grace (9/7-9/18)
Community Outreach Festival:

Previous Fields Of Grace
(9/8-10/17) Slideshow

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Email: elishas@epix.net
Phone#: (570) 278-5078

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11 Klimas Road, Montrose, PA 18801
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Phase 2 Updates: 7

Is completed thank you for your support.

Our open house is September 8, 2018.
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