Elisha's Home and Ministries was established in 1996
with a vision to bless the poor,
to heal the broken hearted and to set free the captives.
(Isaiah 61:1) God has blessed us immeasurably and
given us strength to carry out His vision through the years.
He is our provider, healer and friend.

We have grown beyond our original vision in 1996.
Many aspects have been added to the ministry.
Some of the areas of outreach consist of helping those in need,
church services, counseling, pulpit support,
educational consultation, healing ministry,
children's ministry, elderly ministry,
prison ministry and more.

We are located in Northeastern Pennsylvania,
nestled on a thirty-one acre farm
in the Endless Mountains.
Elisha's Home and Ministries

Our Community Outreach FIELDS OF GRACE Slide Show

Next One September 16,17,18, 2016
Our Apostle, Dr. Gary Wood
Gary had a call to the ministry as a
young man. He was preparing to at
Wayland Baptist College. It was
soloist; but then tragedy struck! Gary
when they were involved in a major
accident. In what would prove to be a
turning point in Gary's life, the
trauma of the injuries claimed Gary's
life. As he laid clinically dead, Gary's
little sister cried out frantically to
Jesus to save the life of her big
brother.  What transpired during this
twenty minute time frame was Gary
meeting Jesus face to face. He
spent twenty minutes in heaven.
Gary was then commissioned by
Jesus to return to earth where he
was to proclaim the Gospel in such
a way as to make Jesus real in the
lives of people. Jesus told Gary that
wherever he told his story people
would be saved, delivered, and
healed.  As Gary's little sister
continued to pray, she invoked the
name above all names, JESUS.
Gary returned to his earthly body to
carry out his new assignment.  Dr.
Gary has seen God heal leukemia,
cancer, blindness, arthritis, and
deafness, and other forms of
sickness and disease.

Month after month there have been
powerful testimonies on God's
delivering power by His Holy Spirit in
every church that Brother Gary Wood
ministers in. As God's Word is
taught, God is faithful to perform His
miracles with signs and wonders.
Phase 2 Update:   Praise the Lord
I was at a Burger King the other day with Pastor Tim, and a friend of the ministry we haven’t seen in
almost a year walked by, a man who’s in his 80’s that went to China as a missionary numerous times,
asked how the building was coming. I explained that it was enclosed, and the furnace and the plumbing
was in, and we were praying for each step after that. He looked at me and said, you know I need to sow a
seed into your building!
He said, “you’re ministry is good ground to sow into!” He blessed us with a $100 check, right there in
Burger King!!!
This last Saturday was a testimony once again of why we need to see phase 2 finished. We had another
memorial service for a member of our church and once again we had to travel to another church to use
their facilities for the meal afterwards. Let alone many attendees, dislike using our “port-a-john”.
(We do praise the Lord for a giving community of churches and friends who help us out)
Last week we were contacted by our electrician, he’s aware that we like to wait until we have the money
before allowing him to get started with the rough-in. But he asked if he could go ahead with the work,
being the best time for his schedule. He told me, when the money came in, we could pay him. After much
prayer, we decided to allow him to get started. They arrived yesterday!
How much more do we need for the electrical rough-in? Approximately $5500.
After that we need to have the insulation blown in. $17,000.
We praise the Lord for our contractor and his patience with this project!
We continue to believe that God has a bigger plan for our phase 2 that we can imagine!
Any Amount will help us reach our goal.
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